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Six Veggies to add into Smoothies

Veggies in smoothies get kind of a bad wrap, in my opinion. In reality though they are such a great way to add a lot of diverse sources of nutrients into your diet, in a yummy way that’s also easy on digestion. After trial and error I’ve been able to discover my six favorite veggies that I like to add to my smoothies that actually taste amazing. The pickiest of kids or husbands won’t even know they are in there, I promise!


You might be thinking…zucchini in a smoothie? But we put zucchini in breads and muffins and it tastes delicious, so why not a smoothie? Honestly, it’s a very mild flavored vegetable and is one of my go-to’s. The trick is though that for easiest digestion and milder flavor you should steam the zucchini first, then freeze it, before adding it to your blender. 


Cauliflower has taken the internet by storm in the last 5 years and become everything from a pizza crust to a cookie, so really this isn’t all that out there. I prefer to use cauliflower rice and just add it frozen into my blender. It’s very mild and pretty much takes on the flavor of anything you add in with it. Again I recommend steaming it first, then freezing it as it tends to be easier to digest that way.


This one is an obvious choice but I had to throw it in there. As we all know leafy greens are a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients. But how often are you just going to sit down and eat a huge plateful of spinach? Adding it to smoothies is an easy way to get all the benefits but without the inconvenience. I literally add 2 large handfuls in my smoothies on the regular love pairing it with pineapple, banana, hemp seeds, coconut water and ice. So good! 

Butternut Squash

When I tell people to try this they look at me like I am crazy, but I swear it’s so tasty. I like to roast my butternut squash first and then freeze it, but pre-steaming it and then freezing it will work too. Butternut squash is slightly sweet so when combined with some banana, almond milk, cacao powder and vanilla plant based protein*, and ice,  it literally tastes like a Wendy’s frosty! (No joke). 

Sweet Potato

Technically a root vegetable, this is another option (similar to the butternut squash) that imparts a lovely sweet taste to your smoothie. Pre-roast or steam it prior to freezing it and then just add it to your smoothie with your favorite chocolate plant based protein*, almond milk, some banana and ice for a healthy dessert-like treat! The consistency might actually turn out more like a silky chocolate pudding, but hey, I’m not mad at it.


Think carrot cake but in a milkshake/smoothie form. Not to sound like a broken record, but I highly recommend roasting or steaming the carrots first, then freezing them for optimal flavor and digestibility. Add some almond milk, a couple medjool dates, plant based vanilla protein powder*, banana and some ice and you have a tasty carrot cake smoothie. 

There you have it, all my favorite ways to sneak in some veggies in my morning smoothie. Would love to hear if you have tried any of these and what you think! 

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